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Not one more software company or software. Governments speak about digitalisation and change, software manufacturers say they will implement that change, and yet, apart from the nordics and a few other examples, systems are still old and inneficient.

We want to change that, and we are bringing the nordic ecosystem to other systems.


  • -> Healthcare Workflow Optimization
  • -> Patient Experience enhancement
  • -> Risk Management
  • -> Cost Detection
  • -> Technology Integration
  • -> Governance Analysing
  • -> Change Management

A different approach.

cw1 ecosystem

We combined the three essential areas for any working healthcare system in an workflow intelligence system, and therefore we do not "offer" a software. We offer instead a full ecosystem, with a customised extension terminal to access the ecosystem.

We look forward to improve, optimise and drive change among the three areas and how these impact all the stakeholders inside the ecosystem.

How does it improve healthcare providers

We aim to improve different areas through different optimisations. We do not look at offer what is there already proofen and tested and in the market, but instead to achieve different approaches that can move the current healthcare systems forward. Among others we seek:

Change patient-doctor interaction
Monitor providers economical sustentability
Transform providers workflows
Increase Provider Cost reduction
Maximise Patient experience
Shorten Patient pathways

A customised terminal

Every provider is different, so is our terminal to every provider. In matter of fact providers do not even have to use it, being able to connect fully through api and FHIR standards.

We are interested though workflows and their related data and how they affect patients and organizations.

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An intelligent change cases

Hospital cost-reduction through outpatient reduction.
General Physicians Practice Optimisation.
Laboratory workflow performance increase.

German Hospitals struggles with efficient reforms that can bring digitalisation to solutions better than Telematiks Infrastruktur.

The integration of our ecosystem as an extension allowed the hospitals to introduce a new patient care experience, while reducing their physical outbound intake, but keeping the stream of incoming revenues.

Root cause
Hospital has a big problem with outpatients, having sometimes problems with bed management.
Change Impact
The platform allows to pre-book beds based on the average time per case, analysis of outbound number trends and staff scheduling routines.
Transformation delivered
A workflow where the patients are included in a workflow, and through self reporting allow the doctor to reduce the need for appointments, increasing its patient database.

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