Why startups should leave app integrations and adopt a single digital infrastructure.

Written by: Tal Mirkuvic,
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Junior leadership faces an economic strength when creating a business out of scratch. As such, start-ups tend to use the most out of the common SaaS. Trello, Jira, ClickUp, Hubspot, Twillio, Sendgrid...sounds familiar? The problem lies when operations scale, and these SaaS and the current integrations do not really fit the needs anymore of the company or in order to perform a certain specific task, a massive economic upgrade is required.

The first step is to assess your digital infrastructure in relation to the costs it is causing.

Why startups should leave app integrations and adopt a single digital infrastructure.

The example above illustrates the digital infrastructure of one of our clients before he asked our services. Our client was using 9 different SaaS and really connected some of them (Hubspot + ClickUp) by the ready-made integrations such as Zappier. The problem resided after when the company grew and had 10 employees. Some of these applications where requiring to upgrade to the Pro or enterprise plans…elevating the general costs from 50€ to 400€.

Luckily to our client, we came in time to set up a correct infrastructure, but many Start-ups, evolve from Start-up to small business or SME and have problems later because they need the spend huge sums to find a solution that really fits their needs.

Steps to assess your digital infrastructure

  1. Right down the all applications your company is using.

  2. Right the costs they are causing, and compare to the upgrades that the business activity and the increasing demand will require.

  3. If the ratio is over 1.5x then compare other alternatives in the market.

Our suggestion: Use an Hyperscaler to hyperscale your business activity.

Nowadays, the term in Hyperscaler is becoming more and more used. This term originates from hyperscale computing, which is a flexible data processing technology. Scale can swiftly increase or decrease depending on data flow. To accommodate variable demand, hyperscalers have applied this computing technology to data centers and the cloud.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a service provided by major hyperscalers to help meet the needs of businesses looking for digital platforms. Hyperscalers, on the other hand, control physical infrastructure while end users customize a virtualized computing infrastructure.

Why startups should leave app integrations and adopt a single digital infrastructure.

Microsoft has been a leader in Technology in the market mostly associated to the production of hardware and Windows. Although this was the reality in the 90's and 20's, the company suffered a shift that led to become one of the most Affordable Hyperscalers on the market and essential to any Start-up changing into an SME.

For example:

Why startups should leave app integrations and adopt a single digital infrastructure.

The capabilities of Dynamics 365 provide you with a single solution that takes most of the IaaS and SaaS described in the first example was mentioned in this post. However, 4000€ a month might be expensive to a corporation, and thinking about this, Microsoft created alternative solutions. Here is an example.

For 5€ per user:

Why startups should leave app integrations and adopt a single digital infrastructure.

Office 365 gives you the ability and applications not only necessary to handle documents for your business but as well way more opportunities.

  1. Manage meetings with Microsoft Bookings.

  2. Manage email correspondence with Microsoft Outlook.

  3. Store digitally your documents using Microsoft Sharepoint.

  4. Do calls and meetings through Microsoft Teams.

  5. Be EU-Compliant with Microsoft Compliance.

  6. Be Cybersecure with Microsoft Security.

  7. Create diagrams and Infographics with Microsoft Visio.

  8. Create and Manage projects with Microsoft Project

  9. Manage planning and tasks with Microsoft Planner.

  10. Integrate the lead generation directly with platforms such as Hubspot and vice-versa.

  11. Connect directly to accounting software as Sage or SAP.

My favourite and not mentioned above. You get Access to Microsoft BI which is a powerful tool to work data and make smart reports out of it.

The power of data

Why startups should leave app integrations and adopt a single digital infrastructure.

Moving your IT environment to the cloud is not an easy job. It requires a series of critical steps toward increasing the scalability and security of your IT infrastructure. As in contrast to keeping an on-premises infrastructure, once you've successfully moved you infrastructure, you'll save money on IT believe it or not. A small firm on the verge of migrating to the cloud, on the other hand, confronts the initial issue of selecting the correct cloud provider.

Azure provides you with data Storage, fast websites, Databases, data Analysis and powerfull VPN implementations for almost nothing when compared to AWS. Moreover you can manage the office365 infrastructure directly from Azure Active Directory.

How does it reflect cost wise?

The right implementation is not easy. Each infrastructure is different and requires a study-analysis to understand the elements that are really required, from the ones that are fancy to have.

We can help you analysing your infrastructure and implement the right elements so that your digital infrastructure keeps being low cost. Contact one of our specialists today!


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