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Empowering patient-centricity by empowering the patient

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Empowering patient-centricity by empowering the patient

20 July 2023 - Patient experience can be improved by unveiling user attitudes on digital health management, data sharing, and service monetization for a healthier future.... Continue reading


Patient-Centric Approach in Clinical Trial Design

Invalid Date - ... Continue reading


Reasons why EHR, EMR, and PHR should be accessible in cloud.

06 July 2023 - ... Continue reading


Maximizing Business Agility in 2023

06 January 2023 - To increase business agility and adaptability, companies should integrate agile principles and methodologies throughout their organization and form agile teams that include both internal and external resources. ... Continue reading


Improvising manufacturing with focus on performance

04 January 2023 - To sustainably improve ROCE and MP, a manufacturer must have a clear vision, relevant KPIs, and a culture of continuous improvement. PSM and AI can help leaders make data-driven decisions in the rapidly evolving market of 2023.... Continue reading


New year 2023, new economic change

29 December 2022 - Key economic indicators, including GDP, unemployment rates, consumer spending, and inflation, can help you understand the state of the economy and make informed predictions about the future.... Continue reading


Extension of Equality in the energy market.

27 December 2022 - Equal Leadership in energy sector is a theme still under development, but with the right tools and new innovations, the same can lead to a brighter future to humanity... Continue reading


Cloud data warehouse

07 October 2022 - The reality behind the data dream.... Continue reading


What is a Data Warehouse?

02 October 2022 - What is a data warehouse? Click here to find out what a data warehouse is and how it can help your business grow and succeed this year.... Continue reading


How to choose the right (BI) Business Intelligence platform? - Nortb

28 September 2022 - A (BI) business intelligence platform is a piece of software that aids in the collection, comprehension, and visualization of data for businesses. ... Continue reading


Data Analytics. Why data is one of the most valuable assets.

25 September 2022 - We live in new periods of time. It is a new Era. The Economist has classified data as the most valuable asset in the world,... Continue reading


An overlook on Datawarehousing and Business Intelligence

08 September 2022 - In this millennia, Data warehousing and Business Intelligence are big topics as of the moment. Why do you or your company need data warehousing and business intelligence and what is the output of a data processing system/process?... Continue reading


Why startups should leave app integrations and adopt a single digital infrastructure.

12 June 2022 - Start-ups tend to use the most out of the common SaaS. The problem lies when operations scale, and the current integrations do not fit the needs anymore of the company or in order to perform a certain specific task, a massive economic upgrade is required.... Continue reading


Benefits of Microsoft 365 as digital cloud infrastructure.

10 June 2022 - In the wake of the corona pandemic, many companies are forced to implement a quick solution for communication from home. Many companies chose the subscription solution Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365).... Continue reading


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