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A problem is just a door that needs to be open.

cw1 tailored services

A new approach of doing things. Although we were educated under a typical MBA mindset, we do things slightly different.


We study and prepare projects in less than a day.


Compared to other firms, we are 2.4 times faster.


More accurate predictions and strategies.


You are the 1 in CW1.

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More speed.

We aim to position ourselves as being highly effective and fast. We train our team to think creatively and quickly in order to solve complex problems way faster than a normal strategy consultant.

More efficiency.

Focus and persistence are core values that drive us to constantly seek new ways of improving efficiency and achieving results. Winning is a priority for us and maintaining a mindset of efficiency helps us achieve it consistently.

More creativity.

We are young, and that gives us the audacity to challenge established rules. We have market experience from our previous jobs, and our approach pushes us to disrupt the market. Hence, creativity plays a crucial role in our process, thus thinking outside the box is a must have.

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Unlock expert strategy advice. From Analysis to Action, don't miss out a chance.



Stay Ahead of the Curve in the Ever-Evolving Digital Landscape.


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Maximize Value and Navigate the Complexities of Modern Business.


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