Supercharge Your Risk analysis

Follow the steps to a comprehensive risk analysis according to the checklist from the industry's foremost experts on information security.

Download the checklist
CW1 Information Security checklist download

Leave no information unattended

A complete risk analysis gives you control over every detail, so nothing can surprise you and your organisation. The checklist is based on insights from our work with a range of large companies and critical organisations. By setting high standards for your risk analysis - regardless of your industry - you ensure that your information is handled correctly and in a way that protects you from manipulation, data loss and breaches.

Download the checklist and find out how to:

  • Classify information types so that you can assess the risks for your organisation.
  • Identify vulnerabilities, predict impact, and assess the likelihood of matching the risk with the right mitigation.
  • Communicate the importance of risk and engage employees in working safely
  • Quality assure your risk analysis

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