You don't need to do it alone.

Partner up with us, and we support each-other.

Compliance as a Service (CaaS)
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The consulting market is though

We know it. We have the same problem. Even the Big-4 have the same problem. However we also have projects that we do not have expertise and we end up outsourcing. Others we just don't feel like doing them since falls out of our scope. That is where you come in.

Partners as a Service (CaaS)
Partnerships as a Service (CaaS)

That is why we want to partner up with you.

We can compete and be a loose-loose, or, we can help each-other and be a win-win.
Some of us worked at the big-4 and they do the same. So why not us?

Advantages to our clients and yours.

Together we can actually offer more services to our clients since we can exchange the expertise between houses. In the end we will be claiming back market share from the big-players.

Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

3 Reasons why you should contact us.

Free coffee.

Yes, we invite you for a talk over coffee to talk how we can collaborate. Usually we show you as well a small pitch deck, but at least you enjoy a nice cup coffee.

More Projects.

That is right! We have requests for webdevelopment and some-things related to cybersecurity that we do not want to take care of. They could be yours. We also have other projects within accounting and supply chain that we want to find the right partners to give the projects to.

More Insights.

We have quite a knowledge as a part of the company. We like to share, and as a partner, you get access to market insights and tips, that allows leverage your own competitors.

So can we have 15 minutes from you?


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