CW1 helps you to experience what only a few consulting firms can provide. A pure balance between strategy, management and IT expertise.


Industry expertise is critical for effective results

The business environment is complex and dynamic, with each industry having unique challenges, opportunities, and regulations. A consultant with extensive knowledge and experience in a specific industry can provide valuable insights and recommendations to help businesses stay ahead of the competition.

Nevertheless, the latest years have been a shock for almost every industry. Factors like the pandemic, the inflation and even smaller things like chatGPT, created a shift in how we think business. CW1 adapted itself and it combines young and fresh minds, with heavy-year expertise. We combine three different areas - Strategy, finance and IT - to provide services and experiences that others are not yet able to provide.

In-Depth Understanding of Industry Dynamics

Ability to Anticipate Change

Access to Industry-Specific Data

Cross-market competence

How CW1 helps

Intelligence Consulting Projects

We provide you with market insights that are hard to obtain within the scope of the markets described below.

ESG framework transformation

We guide you through strategic planning, operations automation, scalling, financial controlling, M&A, sourcing, among others .

Financial & Strategic Advice

We have experience in setting up new corporations, expanding existing ones, and even developing companies as a service.

Interim CTO, COO or Project manager

Our qualified expertise is ready to visit your house and help you improving different aspects of it. We have different types of expertise in two continents.

SBU Organizational Structure

Do you need advice between branches or business units? Our expert teams in BU strategy and Go-to-Market strategy advise you in how to scale.

Digital Transformation

Cybersecurity, strategy, risk, compliance and development. Our digital teams help organisations with their digital challenges everyday.

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Our Approach to Industry-Specific Consulting

Understanding industry-specific challenges and opportunities

Knowledge is critical for developing effective management and strategy solutions tailored to the unique needs of each industry.

Leveraging industry-specific data and trends

Our core business farms every day valuable insights into market dynamics and competitive positioning, which can inform the development of effective management and strategy solutions.

Collaborating with industry experts

Our partner network enables us to develop deeper insights into industry-specific challenges and opportunities, as well as develop more comprehensive and effective solutions.

Customizing solutions to fit each industry's unique needs

We ensure that our recommendations are practical, relevant, and effective, as it takes into account the distinct challenges, opportunities, and characteristics of each industry.

Be faster & smarter than others

As Jeremy Irons quote says, Be fast, be smarter or cheat. Well we do not cheat but surely do the other two every day in our work life.

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