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About us

Seeing the future,
with perspectives that no one else sees.


We offer services in strategic and financial modelling, financial & risk modelling, and digital transformation. Our unique business model combines strategy, financial and digital promoting business evolution. At CW1, we try to go even beyond those models, embracing a mindset of progress and innovation that permeates our entire team.

Strategy, finance & Tech.

We combine realms of strategy, finance, and technology by understanding that in the current market, organizations need to embrace innovation and leverage technology to stay ahead. Our purpose is to fill the gap between strategic decision-making, financial planning, and technological advancements.

a chess between strategy and tech
Our offer

Strategic Planning & modelling

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Financial modelling & Risk

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Digital Transformation

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Our Team

Pedro Stark cw1

Pedro Stark

Founder and Chairman of the board

Mia Specter cw1

Mia Specter

Board member & CTO

Faith Espanola cw1

Faith Espanola

Board Member & CEO for Asean Market

Sarah Johansson cw1

Sarah Johansson

COO for US and DACH markets

Other board members

Otilia Miguel

Board Member

Antonio Almeida

Board Member

Gebriel Espanola

Board member

Our Approach

We open the doors of the unpredictable. The aim to is to create friction in the market core, and it has a ripple effect on the ones interacting with our work. Along the way, this model led to a group of divergent people thinking differently to achieve better results. Results that are visible.

cw1 values and existence

Our Core Values


We strive to create solutions that are environmentally and socially responsible for the long-term well-being of our clients and society as a whole.

Equality & Diversity

We strive for equitable solutions for all stakeholders for long-term success. At our team we consider fairness as a core value of everything.

Future Generations

Our focus on children and education reflects our belief in creating a better future for all. We incorporate this mindset in our work and invest in these areas.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an organization that brings together a diverse range of businesses, allowing individuals to contribute their unique skillsets in order to drive innovation and disruption in the consulting industry.

cw1 values and existence

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