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Maximising the growth rate of SMEs with the SBU framework

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Strategic Business Units: Avoiding Stagflation with Precision

21 March 2023 - how SBUs can diminish the impact of stagflation by providing the ability to adjust to change, focus on customer segments, innovate and create new products.... Continue reading


Leveraging Strategic business Units for Data Collection

14 March 2023 - Leveraging strategic business units for data collection, automotive manufacturers can improve efficiency, staying ahead in the competitive market industry."... Continue reading


Strategic unit planning as a key to business success

13 March 2023 - This article debates the application of strategic business units in order to drive or cause an organisation's success while describing different methods.... Continue reading


Retail Business Organizations Structure trends in 2023

10 March 2023 - Read how small business units can enhance organizational structure of retail businesses. Learn the advantages and the key success factors for implementation.... Continue reading


Strategic Business Units: Definition, Benefits, and Examples

22 February 2023 - How to effectively manage strategic business unit (SBU) portfolio to improve organizational performance. Discover real-life examples of companies that have successfully managed their SBU to achieve a competitive advantage and increase profitability... Continue reading


The power of azure in retail stock management systems and erps

19 December 2022 - Stock management systems are essential tools for retailers, helping them to keep track of inventory, process orders, and maintain accurate stock levels. ... Continue reading


Sourcing, Procurement & Purchasing opens the door to operational performance

12 December 2022 - Sourcing, procurement and purchasing are key departments of any organisation. Billions are spent every year in research of how to optimise this departments in order to save money, however, there is a common thread running through all of these ... Continue reading


Considering Renewables as a solution to energy shortage

05 December 2022 - The interest in sustainability and renewable energy investments has developed at an unprecedented rate, since energy prices start to spike already in 2021.... Continue reading


How Data insights Improved water distribution in a Swedish greenhouse

19 March 2022 - This time, the challenge was to mix engineering, botany and Business Intelligence (BI) in order to solve our client problem: "How to improve the tomato production rate". ... Continue reading


Understanding the cash flow bill in e-commerce

01 September 2022 - cash flow helps e-commerces to keep a good economic condition and to ensure that they always have sufficient financial resources in the bank.... Continue reading


Customer benefit | These 5 questions increase the willingness to buy

12 June 2022 - Increase customer benefit - One way to specifically increase customer benefit is 5W quantification. With this method, you ensure with 5 simple questions that your customer understands the benefits of your solution much better.... Continue reading


Essential KPIs for sourcing department

02 April 2022 - What are the most important KPIs in purchasing and what are their current values? And what has changed compared to previous years? ... Continue reading


Strategic Business Units Can reduce Workforce Insurance Premiums

26 March 2022 - Learn how management consulting firms in Göteborg (cw1) helped businesses reduce insurance premiums through SBUs, investment analysis, and process improvement.... Continue reading


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